A Ninja Cupcake vs Fruit Pirate Run FREE App Reviews

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Kids love it!

My son and daughter love this game. It is challenging but not too hard so it keeps their interest long enough. Cute and fun characters too! This should be a cartoon on tv or something.

It was ok.

I liked the game itself, but way too many ads popping up in the middle of playing the game.


Not fun at all don't buy please

Awesome game!

I love this game! So creative and cute!

Ads too intrusive

I understand the ad at the bottom of the screen but sometimes an ad will pop up in the middle of the screen even though the game is in progress. Causing you to die because you don't have time to then react to the fruit.

Too many ADDS!!

I go on to play and right after the other adds pop up . I cant even get to the game! I rate this a Zero Rating If Your reading this is a big waste of your time. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

To many pop ups!

I don't like it too many pop ups! So many it's so annoying :( I just wanted to play but I couldn't even play for 10 seconds :( :(

Simple but fun game

Try it out!

It's crashing

I haven't been able 2play the game

Awesome Possumness

Simple clean fun and nothing technical !

Cute game!

It's so cute and so funny! Cupcake ninja! Lol


Have 5 reasons and it deserves 5 STARS! * Awesome graphics! * Creative story line * Cute and Adorable, but manly Characters * Entertaining * It's free, priceless entertainment!

So cute!!!

The characters are soooo adorable! Looking at the cupcake ninjas makes me hungry every time I play. This game is actually pretty challenging and addicting! 5 stars :)

Awesome !!!!!!

Haha this game is so cool great graphics! I want to eat a cupcake now! :)


Great game with really cute characters! So what if there's ads..it's all about food ninjas and pirates! How cool is that!

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